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AEVIC is an online English school that transforms intermediate and advanced students into fluent English speakers.

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What You’ll Learn With AEVIC

Vocabulary, Vocabulary, Vocabulary!

To become fluent in English, you will need to learn many, many new words. This includes learning  both formal and informal English so that you can know what to say and when to say it.

Language & Culture Together

Language and culture are inseparable. As an advanced English student with AEVIC, you’ll learn how native speakers use the language in context. This will teach you how to sound more natural and effective when you communicate in English.
(AEVIC primarily focuses on American culture).

Fluent Conversation

If you want to learn to dance, dance. If you want to learn to sing, sing. If you want to learn to speak English, speak English. We learn by doing. That’s why every AEVIC class ends with conversation practice.


AEVIC (Advanced English Virtual Immersion Community)

AEVIC (the Advanced English Virtual Immersion Community) is an online English language school for intermediate and advanced English students. AEVIC has two primary goals. The first is to transform intermediate and advanced English students into fluent English speakers by teaching real-world English (not only textbook English), and offering lots of opportunities for conversation practice (in live classes). The second is to help students improve their quality of life by obtaining whatever they were seeking by learning English in the first place. For some people it’s traveling to English-speaking countries on vacation, for others it’s studying in a foreign university, and for others it’s advancing in their careers by using their knowledge of the English language. Whatever your goal is, AEVIC will help you reach it by teaching you what you need to know to become fluent in English once and for all.

Currently Enrolling “Founding” Members

 AEVIC is completely new so the first group of students who join will be the “founding” members. Founding members are offered the special price of $40 per month FOREVER. Even if prices increase in the future, they will never increase for the founding members. If you’re ready to become fluent in English and to study with a warm and welcoming community, then sign up today. 


Why should you become fluent in English?

Travel The World With Confidence

English is the language of tourism. If you want to travel on vacation, then it will be easier for you to communicate with travel agencies, hotels, taxis, and local shops because businesses that rely on tourism use English as their common language.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Success isn’t just about WHAT you know. It’s also about WHO you know. Being fluent in English will allow you to network with important people from around the world. This will allow you to create more opportunities for yourself and your family.

English Is The Language Of Hollywood

Many of the best movies and series are in the English language. Yes, there are localized dubbed versions, but they’re usually really bad. That’s why if you want to experience the true form of these films and shows, then you have to do so in the English language.

See The World With New Eyes

Language and culture are inseparable. This means the more you understand another language the more you understand another culture. With English you can understand new jokes, song lyrics, movie references, idiomatic expressions, works of literature, foreign politics, and so much more.

International Business & Politics

International corporations use English as their common language. This gives an incredible advantage to speakers of English in the job market.
In fact, many of AEVIC’s students will be able to double or triple their income simply by using English to earn money in American dollars, British pounds, or Euros. (We’ll talk more about how to do that later).

Have Fun And Meet New People

Learning another language is fun. As a part of AEVIC, you’ll meet interesting new people with whom you’ll form true friendships. AEVIC has a relaxed community filled with people who are dedicated to becoming fluent in English. Join the community to enjoy the good times. If you’re going to put in the work to become fluent in English, then you might as well have fun doing it. That’s what we do at AEVIC, and we’ll be happy to have you. 


Meet The Teacher

Nice to meet you.

Hello. My name is Michael Brock. When I was 12 years old, I was watching television one day when I discovered the music video for the Spanish song “No Me Ames” by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Ever since that day, I’ve been interested in learning about new languages and cultures. That’s why I studied Linguistics (the science of language) at Michigan State University, where I got my degree. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of living in Brazil for three months and teaching English in France for seven months.
In 2020 (during the Coronavirus pandemic), I started teaching English online. Much to my surprised, I loved it and I want to keep doing it. Only now I want to do it at a bigger level with more students. The reason why is because it’s very difficult for English students at an advanced level to find good teachers and resources to help them become fluent. Most of the online resources are for beginners. With my background in Linguistics, it’s only right that I use my special knowledge of English to help the students who need it most – the advanced students.

What exactly do I teach?
Pronunciation – Using phonology (the study of sounds), I will teach you how to physically say sounds in the way that Americans say them. For example, most English language students can’t correctly say words that begin with (th-). In France I taught high school students who had studied English for over 10 years, yet instead of correctly saying a word as simple as “the,” they said “za” or “da.” Because I studied Linguistics, I was able to teach them how to correctly say (th-) words in less than two minutes. (It’s actually easy, but unless someone shows you, then how would you ever know)?
Informal English – If you say, “hi” to me, I will answer back, “hey.” Nobody speaks formal textbook language at all times in their native language. In fact, I never thought about this until I was living in France and someone asked me, “Why do all foreigners speak that way?” 
The answer is because school teachers only teach formal language (I studied French for three years at college). Now that I know better, I make sure that my students learn the formal English they would need to speak to the President of the United States and the street language they would need to speak to their friends casually.
Idiomatic Expressions – Have you ever been “stuck between a rock and a hard place?” Are you “as cool as a cucumber?” Yeah, strange English, right? Those are idioms. Idioms don’t have to make sense. Yet if you’ve ever watched a movie in English and heard a phrase that you don’t understand at all, then it was probably an idiomatic expressions. Idioms have a cultural meaning instead of a literal meaning. That’s why I will teach them to you. I don’t want you to think that the apocalypse is happening when somebody says, “it’s raining cats and dogs.”
Conversational Fluency – LISTEN TO ME RIGHT NOW. If you will study English for at least 2 hours each week and do 20-30 minutes of conversation practice every lesson, then in 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year, your English will be completely different. The transformations that my students make in their English ability even amazes and inspires me. That can happen for you too, but the most important thing is CONSISTENCY.
Literature – I like to have fun and torture my students. Once you reach a high enough level, I’ll introduce you to American literature. Imagine trying to learn the famous poem “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe in the original English. We do that here at AEVIC.
(You should see how proud students are when they can understand every single word of one of America’s most famous works of literature).


Study From Anywhere In The World


Learn At Your Convenience

Online video courses allow you to study the class material any time you want.


Weekly Live Classes

Participate in live Zoom calls with Michael and other AEVIC members. Each class will allow you to practice speaking English with real conversation partners.
(Classes are also recorded so that you can watch them whenever you want).


Members Forum

Connect with other members to chat, ask questions, or find conversation partners on the members forum.


Now Is The Best Time To Join

AEVIC is still new, so now is the best time to make new friends, find conversation partners, and participate in small online classes. Additionally, new members will receive the special offer of only paying $40 per month FOREVER. Even if prices increase, they will never increase for you!


What The Students Say

My name is Irahi López, I am from Venezuela and I think Michael Brock is a very good teacher. Since I was little I have studied English in school and in a course, but I think that my real progress with the language was when I started having classes with him. I have improved my vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, now I can speak more fluently, which is why I recommend him as a teacher.

Irahi Lopez

Learning English for Career Opportunities

I started studying English one year ago with Michael when I was a beginner. Since then, I have improved a lot! Now I can talk fluently and my writing skills are improving like never before. I do recommend lessons with Michael.

Oscar Souza Livera

University Student In Brazil


Frequently Asked

How much does membership cost?

AEVIC is new, so the first students are offered the special deal of paying $40 per month. Even if the price of membership increases, it will never increase for you.

What if I'm a beginner at English?

AEVIC is designed for intermediate and advanced English students. The classes that all include conversation practice will probably be too difficult for beginners.

Can children be members?

Yes, they can. However, the live classes are recorded, so if you do not want your children to appear in video, then they should not participate in the live classes.

At what times are the live classes?

Live classes are on Monday through Friday. The classes on Monday & Tuesday are the same, and the classes on Thursday & Friday are the same. If you can, try to attend either the Monday or Tuesday class and the Thursday or Friday class to get the most out of your AEVIC membership. You can find the class schedule here.

Why You Should Become A Member

In less than five months of studying with me, Reynaldo could speak fluently in English with me about video games, anime, and movies, he was his company’s representative with English-speaking clients in America, and he was responsible for interviewing new job candidates to test their English ability. That’s why I was really surprised when he told me a secret. The truth was that Reynaldo was so scared to take a class with me that he hesistated for 3 hours before he had the courage to sign up for the first lesson.
This is the common feeling that most students feel. Everybody is nervous and scared at first. Yet you shouldn’t be for three reasons. 1). I’m an easygoing teacher. 2). It’s only English practice. Making mistakes is normal and expected. 3). You’re probably better than you think you are.
As a teacher, I’ve seen that many students think their English is really bad when it’s not. Also, students underestimate how quickly they can improve with the right teacher and the right lessons.
If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming fluent in English, then become a member of AEVIC. Your dream is possible and this is your opportunity to make it come true.